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Product Name: Ketamine

Effect: Dream-like and detached, chilled, relaxed and happy, confused and nauseated

Purity of the substance: 98.5{4ee3ae1019adf60b435e5b49cd273037d899d58a0b4f077cbb9e359d6d49de02}
Physical properties: Crystal, Powder

Test kit: Yes

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what is ketamine (also known asket, K, special Kkitty, horse/dog/vet tranquilizer, and others) is a dissociative substance of the arylcyclohexylamine class. Ketamine is chemically related to phencyclidine (PCP) and methoxetamine (MXE). Like other dissociatives, it acts by blocking NMDA receptors in the brain.

what is ketamine  was developed in 1963 by Parke-Davis Laboratories as part of an effort to find a replacement for the surgical. Anesthetic phencyclidine (PCP). It became available by prescription in 1969 under the name Ketalar. Today, ketamine is widely used in human and veterinary medicine, primarily for general anesthesia for surgical procedures. .

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Typical effects of ketamine include sedation, hallucinations, and dissociation, which is characterized by perceptual distortions and feelings of detachment. Also The effects of ketamine are similar to those of PCP but ketamine is much less potent. Its effects are of much shorter duration. Additionally, the effects   are highly dose dependent. So at lower doses, users report disinhibition and relaxation effects similar to those of alcohol. Higher doses exceeding a certain threshold are capable of inducing experiences commonly described as out-of-body or near-death experiences. powder for sale

There’s no problem in obtaining the agent, yet one must be very careful when using it to avoid obtaining complications alongside.

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