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Basal Ovulation Thermometer and Free BBT Chart


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Choose from:
– °C (Centigrade) BBT Thermometer
– or °F (Fahrenheit) BBT Thermometer
– Certified accuracy to 1/5th of a degree
– complete with storage case
– with FREE Fertility Chart to download
– easy to follow instructions included



If you’re trying to get pregnant, understanding your ovulation cycle can greatly increase your chances of conception. Charting your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) can verify whether or not you are ovulating. Checking your Basal Body Temperature and understanding the changes that occurs during ovulation is crucial to increasing your chances of pregnancy. A Basal Thermometer can help you with this.basal thermometer for ovulation

The Zoom Baby BBT Charting Pack contains:

1 x Digital Basal Thermometer
1 x Zoom Baby BBT Chart with full instructions
Choose from either a Centigrade or Fahrenheit thermometer

Basal Thermometer is an important buy if you are planning on charting your basal body temperature (BBT) so that you can find out when you are about to ovulate. Being able to pinpoint this time is vital in being able to plan the timing of sexual intercourse, which will hopefully lead to conception.best basal thermometer for track ovulation

  • Large, easy-to-read digital display
  • This Basal Thermometer reads in Fahrenheit
  • Digital Recall Memory of last temperature reading
  • Basal Thermometer beeps at peak temperature
  • Can be used under the armpit, orally or rectally
  • Certified accuracy to 1/5th of a degree
  • CE approved
  • Basal Thermometer includes storage case and instructions


Understanding Ovulation

  What is ovulation and the process of conception?
As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words so we have included a short video which we feel gives an excellent short description of ovulation, including the whole process of conception (fertilisation and implantation) from the release of the egg from the ovary right up to the implantation of the fertilised egg at which point pregnancy has occurred, HCG is produced and the embryo starts to grow.basal body temperature ovulation thermometer

When a woman ovulates, a rise in body temperature takes place in order to provide a more fertile environment for conception. By monitoring when this temperature change occurs, you can determine when ovulation takes place in your cycle. Recording each day’s basal body temperature with a basal thermometer will help you predict ovulation!basal thermometer and ovulation

What is my Basal Body Temperature ?
Your basal body temperature (BBT for short) is your resting body temperature ie your temperature when you are at rest.

When should I take my temperature?
You should take your temperature, orally under the tongue, every morning before you do anything else – even before you get up!! Just the act of getting up increases body temperature so keep the thermometer right by the bed. You should then write down the temperature recorded. The temperature rise (spike) takes place shortly after ovulation and will stay slightly elevated until you start your next period.how to use basal thermometer to track ovulation

How do I measure my Basal Body Temperature ?
In order to measure your BBT, you will need to use a high accuracy clinical thermometer- the easiest to use is a digital thermometer that measures to 2 decimal places

Where do I put the thermometer to measure my Basal Body Temperature ?
For most women the best & simplest place to measure your BBT is under your tongue

How long do I leave the digital thermometer under my tongue ?
Most digital thermometers will beep when they have reached a stable temperature, making it quick and easy to know when to remove the thermometer. It usually takes around 1-2 minutes for this to happen.

What do I do with the basal body temperature results ?
You will need to chart the BBT results on a temperature chart , so that you will be able to see the pattern develop.

Is there anything I should not do when doing my Basal Body Temperature ?
Moving around, eating, drinking, smoking & even talking will raise your temperature, so make sure you do the temperature immediately upon waking each morning. If possible measure it while you are still “half asleep”.

What else can raise my basal temperature apart from ovulation ?
Illness if associated with fever will alter your resting temperature making interpretation of results problematic.

How does Basal Body Temperature charting help me predict my fertile time ?
Charting your basal temperature is helpful in determining whether and when ovulation occurs. Ovulation is the release of an egg (ovum) from the ovary and usually happens only once in each menstrual cycle. Conception can take place only if intercourse takes place immediately before , during or immediately after you ovulate.

By carefully recording your basal temperature when you first awaken, you will begin to notice a pattern of temperature fluctuation in your monthly cycle. The slight increase in basal temperature is an indication of ovulation or fertility.


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