7 Color LED Face Mask

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7 Color LED Face Mask | Photon Red Light Therapy For Healthy Skin Rejuvenation | Collagen, Anti Aging, Wrinkles, Scarring | Korean Skin Care, Facial Skin Care Mask.

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7 Color LED Face Mask

7 Color LED Face Mask : Light Therapy Facial Masks Will Help You Quickly And Clearly Deal With Many Blemishes Like Zits Scarring, Lumpy Choppy Skin, First-Class Lines, Wrinkles, Discoloration, Large Pores, Irritation, Redness, Dryness, Oiliness, And More! Use It For Just 15-30min A Day To Depart Your Pores And Skin Feeling Soft And Looking Radiant! No Need A Good Way To Put Money Into High-Priced Skin Products And Remedies Whilst You Operate Our Phototherapy Mask 3-4 Times Every Week! Our Mask Uses Natural Mild Waves To Rejuvenate Your Pores And Skin! 7 Color LED Face Mask

7 Exclusive Hues Permit You Deal With Extraordinary Conditions:

7 Color LED Face Mask : Purple (650nm)- Super For Blood Circulation And Stimulate Your Cells To Produce Collagen. Collagen Will Aid In Repairing Damaged Tissue To Create A Company And Clean Complexion

Blue (463nm)- Targets Micro Organism And Calms Sensitive Skin

Green (527nm)- Improves Pigmentation, Anti-Getting Older, Reduce Quality Lines, And Treatment Wounds

Yellow (590nm)- Improve Change Of Oxygen To Pores And Skin, Promote Lymphatic Drainage, Smoothes Skin, And Decreases Redness

Crimson (600nm)- Aggregate Of Red And Blue Mild. Relaxing, Improves Lymph Metabolism, Can Reduce Scarring

Mild Blue (510nm)- Soothing, Can Help With Allergies, Enhances Cellular Electricity

NEW White (Four Hundred-700nm)- Accelerate Lively Tissue Metabolism, Lessen First-Rate Lines And Sagging Skin

Comes With:


USB Cable

Adjustable Strap


The Way To Use:

Lightly Wash Your Face And Pat Dry With A Towel

Install The Protected Belt So That Masks Remains Affixed To Face

Connect The USB Cable To Masks

Press The Electricity Switch To Turn On Controller, Then ON/OFF Button To Show On Lights

Press Colour To Interchange Colorations

Press Strength -/+ To Exchange Ranges 1-5

Press Time Button To Modify 5-60min

In Case You’re Geared Up To Mention Bye To Blemishes, And Whats Up To Easy Radiant Skin, Then Upload To Cart NOW!

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